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List Your Property For Only 3.25% Commission!

SAVE MONEY ON REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS! 🚨Sell your home with me for just 3.25% commission. I cover the entire Chicago-land area.

Here’s how you save:

  • 2.25% to the buyer’s broker, 1% to me, Jason Rosenberg. 📉

  • Just 1% commission if I find the buyer. 🏷️

  • No commission if you find your own buyer. 🚫

With 22 years of experience and $100 million in sales, I offer expert, no-hassle service. 🌟 Specializing in Chicago-land, I provide top services like:

  • Professional photography 📸

  • Weekly open houses 🏡

  • Listings on MLS and 100+ platforms 🌐

& There are no hidden fees at all!& You can cancel at any time with no fees as well!

📞 Try me for 30 days. 💪

Why Save Money on Real Estate Commissions?

  1. More Profit in Your Pocket: Keep more money from your home sale and get a larger payout.

  2. Lower Selling Costs: High commission rates can eat into your profits. Lower costs mean more money for you.

  3. Competitive Pricing: Save on commissions and price your home more attractively to draw in more buyers and sell faster.

  4. Financial Flexibility: Use the savings for your next home, renovations, or other financial goals. More savings mean more options.

  5. Transparent Costs: No hidden fees. Know exactly what you're paying for with clear, straightforward costs.

  6. Stay Ahead of Market Trends: Modern sellers look for cost-effective selling options. Stay competitive with a lower commission.

  7. Achieve Your Financial Goals: Extra savings can help pay off debts, save for retirement, or invest in other opportunities.

  8. Avoid Needless High Commissions: Most other real estate brokers charge a much higher commission rate of 5% or 6%, which means less money for you. With my 3.25% rate, you keep more of your hard-earned equity.

In summary, saving on commissions with Jason Rosenberg’s 3.25% rate helps you keep more money, reduce selling costs, offer competitive pricing, and meet your financial goals with complete transparency and flexibility.

Ready to save money on your home sale? List with me today and experience the difference!


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