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The Airbnb Guest Who Became Part of the Furniture: A 540-Day Saga!

Airbnb stories span a spectrum of delightful encounters to unforeseen complications. However, the tale of Elizabeth Hirschorn stands out for its perplexing duration and the legal loopholes that have surfaced.

Background: Elizabeth Hirschorn, an Airbnb guest, booked a luxury residence in Los Angeles boasting a panoramic 360-degree view, owned by Dr. Sasha Jovanovic. The agreement, which began in September 2021, spanned till spring 2022 with a total cost of $20,000. However, as the departure date in April approached, Hirschorn neither vacated the property nor showed inclination to compensate for an extended stay. Now, she demands a staggering $100,000 as a relocation fee.

The Impasse: Jovanovic's attempts to evict Hirschorn hit a wall, despite seeking legal counsel and city intervention. Hirschorn, evidently having preempted potential issues, pointed out property code violations, which she had confirmed with the Department of Buildings and Safety. Critical among these was an unpermitted shower and the guest house's lack of official approval for occupancy.

In a twist, while the violations needed rectification before eviction proceedings could begin, Hirschorn denied Jovanovic entry to carry out the necessary repairs. Furthermore, since her stay exceeded six months, she became eligible for protections under Los Angeles' 'Just Cause Ordinance.' This ordinance essentially states that without a legitimate reason for eviction, landlords might have to bear relocation costs for the tenant.

Yet, there might be a silver lining for Jovanovic. The ordinance lists failure to pay rent and denying landlords reasonable access to the property as valid grounds for eviction. Furthermore, Hirschorn's demand of $100,000 raises eyebrows, considering the established relocation fee structures.

For an in-depth dive into this intricate standoff, explore the full story here: Airbnb Squatter Refuses to Leave Property After 540 Days.

Closing Thoughts: The world of property rentals, while promising, carries its share of pitfalls. This incident serves as a reminder for hosts and guests alike to be well-versed with local regulations and always approach rentals with a measure of caution.


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