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Unlock Huge Savings: List Your Home for Only 3.25% Commission!

List Your Property For Only 3.25% Commission!

SAVE MONEY ON REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS! 🚨 Sell your home with me for just 3.25% commission. I cover the entire Chicago-land area.

Here’s how you save:

2.25% to the buyer’s broker, 1% to me, Jason Rosenberg. 📉

Just 1% commission if I find the buyer. 🏷️

No commission if you find your own buyer. 🚫

With 22 years of experience and $100 million in sales, I offer expert, no-hassle service. 🌟

Top services include:

Professional photography 📸

Weekly open houses 🏡

Listings on MLS and 100+ platforms 🌐

No hidden fees & cancel anytime! 📞 Try me for 30 days. 💪

Why Save Money on Real Estate Commissions?

More Profit: Keep more money from your home sale.

Lower Costs: Save more with lower commissions.

Competitive Pricing: Attract more buyers and sell faster.

Financial Flexibility: Use savings for your next home, renovations, or other goals.

Transparent Costs: No hidden fees, clear costs.

Stay Competitive: Modern sellers look for cost-effective options.

Achieve Financial Goals: Extra savings for debts, retirement, or investments.

Avoid High Commissions: Most brokers charge 5% or 6%. Save with my 3.25% rate.

Ready to save money on your home sale? List with me today and experience the difference!


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