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Hey Jude, Wanna Buy Paul McCartney's Beverly Hills Bungalow?

Roll up for the mystery tour! Ever dreamt of living in a home that might have echoed with "I am the Walrus" or some other catchy Beatles tune? Well, your Yellow Submarine has just docked in Beverly Hills, and it's called Sir Paul McCartney's former abode!

It's in Beverly Hills, Darling!

Okay, so we exaggerated with the 'bungalow' part. According to our gossip mongers over at Architectural Digest, Sir Paul's ex-mansion is more luxe than Ringo Starr's drum set. And did we mention? It's in Beverly Hills! So, alongside imagining Paul crooning in the shower, you've got the glitz and glam of Hollywood's elite as your neighbors. No biggie.

Magical Mystery Home Tour

Step right in, and no, you won't need those groovy '60s glasses. Although, they might help you fit right in! The house? Oh, it’s sprinkled with stardust: enchanting gardens where Lucy might be chilling in the sky with diamonds, opulent rooms where Eleanor Rigby could've lost her face in a jar, and spaces that might have echoed with... "Hey Jude, pass the salt?"

Not Just A Ticket to Ride!

Sure, it's a home. But it's also a ticket to a bygone era of rock and roll, shaggy hair, and the echoing sounds of musical genius. And let's face it; if walls could talk, these would probably have a Liverpool accent.

Penny Lane to Beverly Hills

So, what's the long and winding road to owning a slice of Beatlemania in Beverly Hills? Check out the tour and details over at Architectural Digest. And who knows, you might just find yourself humming "Can't Buy Me Love" as you take a look. But maybe, just maybe, you can buy this house!


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