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Revolutionizing Your Real Estate Investments: My Unique Approach to Commission Savings

In my journey through the competitive world of real estate flipping, I've come to understand that every decision, every partnership, significantly impacts the overall profitability of an investment. One critical aspect often overlooked is the profound effect of real estate commission fees on your bottom line. My name is Jason Rosenberg, a seasoned real estate professional in the Chicago-land area, with over 22 years of experience and more than $100 million in sales volume to my name. I'm here to offer a game-changing solution for investors aiming to maximize their returns: a dramatically reduced commission rate, designed specifically to enhance the profitability of your investments.

My Strategic Approach to Savings

For years, I've been challenging the traditional real estate industry norms by offering a total commission rate of only 3.25%—significantly lower than typical rates. This rate includes both the listing and the buyer's agent commissions, with 2.25% going to the buyer's broker and only 1% to the listing side. Moreover, if I find a buyer for your property personally, the total commission drops to an incredible 1%. This approach is designed to ensure that a larger portion of your profit remains with you, rather than being eroded by hefty commission fees.

Tailored Services Designed for Flippers

My services extend far beyond offering lower rates; they encompass a comprehensive package meticulously designed for the specific dynamics and requirements of flipping projects. This package includes professional photography, weekly open houses, extensive online listings across the MLS and over 100 other websites, and a broker's open with hors d'oeuvres—all aimed at ensuring your property receives the widest possible exposure and appeal.

Building Long-term, Profitable Partnerships

My commitment to offering low commission rates is about forging long-term, profitable partnerships with home flippers. I have a long history of working closely with investors, understanding the unique challenges they face, and providing tailored solutions that significantly boost the profitability of their projects. This dedication to my clients' success has established me as a trusted partner in the flipping community, as reflected in the many projects that have benefited from my expertise and unique market insights.

A Proven Model of Success

My strategy is backed by years of experience and serves as a proven model of success in the real estate industry. The consistent savings on commission fees that I offer directly contribute to the enhanced profitability of numerous flipping projects. My deep understanding of the Chicago-land market, combined with a service package specifically tailored to the needs of real estate investors, positions your investments for unparalleled success.


My innovative commission structure is more than just a way to save on fees—it represents a pivotal strategy for ensuring your real estate investments achieve their maximum potential. By leveraging my comprehensive services and significantly reduced commission rates, you can ensure that your flipping projects are not just successful, but also as profitable as possible.

I invite you to explore how my approach can transform your real estate investments. Discover the difference my expertise and unique commission savings can make for your next project. For more details on how we can partner together and elevate your investments, visit my website at or reach out to me directly at 312.998.1499. Join me, and let's unlock the full potential of your real estate investments together.


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