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The $80 Million Lakefront Estate: An Inside Look at the Most Expensive Chicago Area Home on Record

The luxury real estate market never ceases to amaze with its opulent properties and staggering price tags. In the Chicago area, a lakefront estate assembled by billionaire Justin Ishbia and his wife, Kristen, is set to become the most expensive home on record when completed, with a price tag nearing $80 million. Over the past three years, the couple has invested nearly $33.7 million to acquire a trio of contiguous properties in Winnetka, totaling 3.7 acres of Lake Michigan shoreline. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this record-breaking estate and the story behind its development.

The Ishbia's Lakefront Estate: A Dream in the Making

Located immediately south of Centennial Park in Winnetka, the Ishbia's estate comprises three parcels at 195, 203, and 205 Sheridan Road. The Winnetka Village Council approved the consolidation of the properties last year, and demolition of the existing structures began in December after receiving approval from the village's historic preservation authorities.

Kristen Ishbia addressed the village trustees ahead of their unanimous December 6th vote in favor of consolidating the family's four lakefront properties on Sheridan Road. She shared the couple's dream of providing their children with a quiet, authentic suburban life and expressed her concerns about the delays affecting their ability to build their home and enjoy the community.

The Vision for the Record-Breaking Estate

Although specific details about the design and features of the Ishbia's $80 million estate are yet to be unveiled, it's expected that the property will boast state-of-the-art amenities and exquisite craftsmanship befitting its record-breaking price tag. With 3.7 acres of Lake Michigan shoreline, the estate will likely offer breathtaking views and expansive outdoor spaces, providing the perfect setting for the family to live out their dream of a serene suburban life.


The Ishbia's lakefront estate is poised to make history as the most expensive home in the Chicago area. While the final design and features of the property remain under wraps, the sheer scale of the investment and the prime lakefront location signal that this estate will be nothing short of extraordinary. As the project progresses, it will be fascinating to watch the development of this record-breaking property and the impact it has on the luxury real estate market in the region.

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