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The Top 10 Chicago Area Suburbs with the Steepest Property Taxes

The Chicagoland area is a desirable place to call home. Unfortunately, that desirability comes at a price – hefty property taxes. If you're considering a move, be aware that these suburbs consistently rank at the top of the list for highest property tax burdens.

Why Are Chicagoland Property Taxes So High?

  • Illinois's system: Illinois depends heavily on property taxes for essential services like public schools, libraries, and emergency services.

  • Cost of living: The costs associated with high-quality public services in the Chicago area are significant.

  • School funding: School districts in Illinois often place a heavier reliance on property taxes compared to other states.

The Top 10 Culprits

While tax rates can change, these suburbs are notorious for their high property taxes:

  1. Kenilworth (Cook County)

  2. Winnetka (Cook County)

  3. Glencoe (Cook County)

  4. Lake Forest (Lake County)

  5. Highland Park (Lake County)

  6. Wilmette (Cook County)

  7. Oak Park (Cook County)

  8. Hinsdale (DuPage County)

  9. Evanston (Cook County)

  10. Oak Brook (DuPage County)

Important Reminders

  • Your bill depends on your home's value:  A higher assessed value means higher taxes, even with a slightly lower tax rate.

  • Rates can change:  Property tax rates fluctuate from year to year.

How to Protect Yourself from Sticker Shock

  • County assessor websites:  Look up current rates and compare different suburbs.

  • Real estate websites:  Some listings provide property tax estimates.

  • Talk to a realtor: A local realtor will have the most up-to-date knowledge of tax burdens in your target areas.

The Bottom Line

The Chicago area's high property taxes are a reality. Factor this into your decision-making process and thoroughly research these costs before falling in love with a home.


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