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Jason Rosenberg: Pioneering Fair Commissions in Real Estate

As a real estate broker with a deep commitment to my clients and the industry, I firmly believe that transparency and fairness are paramount. This conviction has guided my approach, especially in the context of the recent lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and major brokerage firms. The lawsuit has cast a spotlight on practices in our industry, underscoring the need for change. In my years of experience, I've learned an invaluable lesson: greed gets you nowhere.

In stark contrast to the standard 5% to 6% commission rates, I have chosen a path that prioritizes my clients' needs over maximizing profits. My model offers a total commission rate of just 3.25%, which includes both the seller's and buyer's agent fees. If I personally find a buyer, this rate drops even further to 1%. This approach is rooted in my belief that sustainable success in real estate is built on trust and long-term relationships, not short-term gains.

The comprehensive services I offer under this reduced commission reflect my commitment to value and integrity. Professional photography, regular open houses, extensive online listings, and unique broker's open events are all part of my package, designed to maximize exposure and facilitate sales. These services are offered without hidden fees, and clients have the flexibility to cancel their listing at any time without penalty.

My experience of over 22 years in the business, with a significant sales volume, has reinforced my belief that a client-first approach is not just ethical but also the most rewarding in the long run. The industry is at a crossroads, as highlighted by the insights in the article on, available here. The lawsuit underscores the urgent need for more equitable and transparent practices in real estate.

I am proud to lead by example in this shift. For me, it's clear that greed is a short-sighted strategy that ultimately leads to failure. True success in real estate comes from building trust, offering fair value, and maintaining integrity. As the industry evolves, I am committed to continuing this approach, confident that it will not only benefit my clients but also contribute positively to the future of real estate.


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