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Plummeting Home Prices: Where Are They Happening and Why?

The real estate market has always been a fascinating and unpredictable space for investors and homeowners alike. In recent years, we've seen a significant increase in housing prices, making homeownership a challenging dream for many. However, some areas have been experiencing a decline in home prices, presenting a golden opportunity for potential homebuyers to enter the market. Today, we'll explore a study conducted by GoBankingRates, which examines where home prices are plummeting the most and discusses the reasons behind this trend. (source: GoBankingRates)

Cities with Plummeting Home Prices

Detroit, Michigan The Motor City has faced significant economic struggles for decades, with a shrinking population and a high crime rate. These factors have driven down home prices, making it a more affordable option for those looking to invest in the housing market.

Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore's high crime rate and a struggling local economy have contributed to a decrease in home prices. However, the city's cultural attractions and proximity to Washington D.C. make it a potentially attractive option for those willing to invest in revitalization efforts.

Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland has seen a noticeable decrease in home prices, primarily due to a struggling economy and a declining population. However, recent investment in the city's downtown area has begun to show signs of revitalization, making it an interesting option for investors.

Memphis, Tennessee Memphis has experienced a decline in home prices due to a high crime rate, a stagnant economy, and an increase in foreclosed properties. Despite these challenges, the city's rich musical history and vibrant culture could be a draw for potential investors.

St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis has seen a decrease in home prices primarily due to a high crime rate and a struggling economy. The city's historic architecture and low cost of living could potentially attract investors looking to capitalize on the affordable housing market.

Factors Behind Plummeting Home Prices

Economic Struggles: Many of these cities have been facing economic challenges, resulting in high unemployment rates and a declining population. This leads to a decrease in demand for housing, driving down home prices.

High Crime Rates: A high crime rate can deter potential homeowners and investors from purchasing property in a given area. This further exacerbates the decline in demand and contributes to falling home prices.

Foreclosures: An increase in foreclosed properties can lead to a surplus of available homes, driving down prices as supply outpaces demand.

Local Government Policies: In some cases, local government policies can negatively impact the real estate market, discouraging investment and contributing to the decline in home prices.


While plummeting home prices in certain cities may seem like a negative trend, it can present unique opportunities for investors and homebuyers who are willing to take a chance on these areas. As cities work to address the issues contributing to falling home prices, there is potential for growth and revitalization in the future. For those interested in exploring the cities with plummeting home prices further, check out the full study at GoBankingRates.


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